RankNameRatingMore Info
1HP2000 Auxillary Power Unit3.723.723.723.723.72
2Thermo King APU4.
3Carrier APU44444
4Tripac APU3.
5TriPac E (electronic)
Overall Rating44444
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)

TriPac E (electronic)

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat) Electric Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System Specifications Capacities Cooling Capacity 7,200 BTU/hr Heating Capacity 7,500 BTU/hr General Weight 505 lbs. (Batteries Included) Cost Savings: The TriPace is an electric, battery-based APU system, which means significant savings on fuel. Reduced operation of the tractor engine also delivers cost savings […]

Overall Rating3.673.673.673.673.67
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)3.723.723.723.723.72

HP2000 Auxillary Power Unit

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat)SUPER EFFICIENT AND QUIET HEAT PUMP SYSTEM Over 10 years in development and on-road testing and usage, the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit was designed specifically for the transportation industry, and was designed and built to handle the extreme temperatures drivers battle every day. By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine […]

Overall Rating1.331.331.331.331.33
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)11111

ProMax APU

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat)The ProMax APU The ProMax APU. Every component of this APU was selected to provide you with instant comfort, restful sleep and rugged reliability. There are many reasons why ProMax APU is the choice of professional drivers nationwide: The most powerful heating and cooling capacity: 33,000 BTU for both heat and […]

Overall Rating33333
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)33333

Willis APU

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat)WPS Premium Auxiliary Power Unit State of the art design that makes no compromises to provide maximum comfort and power. Eliminates the need for all non operational idling Three cylinders of silent power. As much as twice the power of competing systems. Low net diesel fuel usage Provides optimum comfort Reduces […]

Overall RatingNo Ratings
QualityNo Ratings
DependabilityNo Ratings
ServiceabilityNo Ratings
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)No Ratings

Blue Aire APU

Overall RatingNo RatingsQualityNo RatingsDependabilityNo RatingsServiceabilityNo RatingsEffectiveness (AC & Heat)No RatingsThis appears to be another Comfort Master knockoff. Take a look at the images below to decide for your self. Their address comes back as  “Weldmation” a company that was previously licensed to manufacture Comfort Master but was unable to meet their obligations. As always, buyer […]

Overall Rating2.592.592.592.592.59
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)2.662.662.662.662.66

Dynasys APU

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat)Hodyon Auxiliary Power Dynasys – The Best Solution to Engine Idling Idling a Class 8 truck engine for in-cab comfort is extremely costly. It increases fuel costs, engine hours and overall truck wear. This leads to an increase in service cost and engine maintenance. With Dynasys auxiliary power, you can shut […]

Overall RatingNo Ratings
QualityNo Ratings
DependabilityNo Ratings
ServiceabilityNo Ratings
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)No Ratings

Kohler APU

Overall RatingNo RatingsQualityNo RatingsDependabilityNo RatingsServiceabilityNo RatingsEffectiveness (AC & Heat)No Ratings Ever since the introduction of the Kohler Automatic Power & Light, the world’s first engine-driven automatic generator in 1920, Kohler has provided power to homes, factories, recreational vehicles, boats and countless other applications throughout the United States and around the world. With a passion for […]

Overall Rating44444
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)

Carrier APU

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat) Carrier Transicold introduced its ComfortPro auxiliary power unit (APU) at the Mid-America Trucking Show. A new agreement between Carrier, a United Technologies Corp business unit, and Teleflex Inc makes Carrier Transicold the exclusive worldwide distributor of the ComfortPro APU. The ComfortPro APU can reduce engine idling time 90 percent, according […]

Overall Rating3.333.333.333.333.33
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)2.832.832.832.832.83

Tripac APU

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat)Thermo King’s TriPac APU provides cost savings by reducing unnecessary fuel consumption, extending truck engine maintenance intervals and reducing wear on the truck engine.TriPac also allows truck owners to comply with anti-idling laws while the driver rests in comfort. TriPac uses a fuel-fired heater and Thermo King’s Cycle Sentry start/stop technology […]

Overall Rating4.
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)44444

Thermo King APU

Overall RatingQualityDependabilityServiceabilityEffectiveness (AC & Heat) TriPac Features and Options Standard Features: Microprocessor control for simple operation Truck cab cooling and heating for driver comfort in all climates Truck engine preheating for easy starts in cold climates Truck battery charging with automatic voltage sensing Noise-dampening construction for quiet operation Automatic start/stop for maximum fuel efficiency Options: […]

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