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Blue Aire APU – Discontinued

This appears to be another Comfort Master knockoff. Take a look at the images below to decide for your self.


Comfort Master

Their address comes back as  “Weldmation” a company that was previously licensed to manufacture Comfort Master but was unable to meet their obligations. As always, buyer beware. It is typically the consumer who ends up in the middle of the legal battles that are sure to come.

BTU Heat
~15,000 BTU/hr

BTU Cooling
~20,000 BTU/hr

AC power

Isuzu Engine
3 cylinders – Diesel

Smart Tech™ Controller
5/2 Programming
Set different schedules for
weekdays & weekends

Simple Programming
Easy to control your
heating and cooling

Simultaneous Display
See indoor temperature & set
temperature without pushing
more buttons

Plain Language
Straightforward – no symbols

Warning Alarm

Soft Key Controls
Easy to understand & manage

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