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Mantis 175 APU – Discontinued


Their address comes back as  “Weldmation” a company that was previously licensed to manufacture Comfort Master but was unable to meet their obligations. As always, buyer beware. It is typically the consumer who ends up in the middle of the legal battles that are sure to come.

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The Mantis 175 Truck APU features the latest improvements in Auxiliary Power technology.  Powered by an Isuzu 3 cylinder diesel engine, the Mantis 175 Truck APU system keeps drivers comfortable whether they are in the Mojave Desert or the Rocky Mountains with 35,000 BTU heating and 32,000 BTU cooling power ~ more than any Truck APU competitor.

The Mantis 175 also features a rugged one-piece steel frame with scratch and dent resistant coating.  Its lightweight, aluminum diamond plate cover encloses the unit including the engine and radiator with easy access service points.  The Mantis 175 APU uses a solid state electronic controller.

  • High Ratio Heating and Cooling industry leader
  • Rugged one piece steel frame for sturdy reliability
  • Frame mount is compatible with different size frames including Volvo Trucks
  • The Isuzu 3 cylinder Engine is Bio Fuel compatible and provides smooth reliability
  • The Mantis 175 unit is user friendly with simple straight forward “easy access” for service
  • Both the top and bottom cover are easily removed for speedy access when ever necessary
  • Straight forward simple electric controls with diagnostics and service program
  • Low voltage battery monitoring system

Mantis 175 APU

Mantis Truck APU


Engine: 3-cylinder Isuzu water-cooled
Diesel engine
Truck APU Weight: 440 Lbs
APU Dimensions: 24″ W  x  29.5″ H  x  29″ D
Warranty: 2 year / 4,000 hours
Environmental: U.S. EPA Tier II Emissions
Bio-diesel: 20% Max
Fuel Consumption: 0.25 gal/hour
HVAC Dimensions: 18″ W  x  9″ H  x  13″ D
Air Conditioning: 32,000 BTU’s
Heating Output: 35,000 BTU’s
Evaporator Output: 650 cubic feet / min
Refrigerant: R-134a

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apu drawing 3
17.5 Kilowatt Truck Auxiliary Power Unit
  1. One Piece Steel Frame

    • No welds in frame to stress and fail
    • Made from quality American 1018 steel plate
    • Engineered flanges to provide added strength
    • Angular motor mounts
    • Dual mounting options – thru or over frame
    • Motor positioned inboard to reduce cantilevered stress
    • Tough, scratch and rust resistant coating
  2. Upper Cover

    • Aluminum Diamond Plate
    • Recessed ABS UV resistant handles
    • Four heavy duty rubber latches
  3. Steel Lower Cover

    • One piece construction
    • Tough, scratch and rust resistant coating
    • Easily removed for service access
  4. Fully Enclosed Motor and Radiator

    • Strong and reliable three cylinder Isuzu engine
    • Low RPM operation for increased life
    • Four angular motor mounts with 1” thick isolators
    • Muffler positioned outside enclosure under frame rail
    • Automotive grade radiator
    • Powerful 14” electric fan to increase cooling capacity
    • Components protected within the enclosure
    • Industrial quality seals to improve and control air flow
    • Remote condenser for improved airflow & heat transfer
  5. Serviceability

    • Short, direct coolant hoses allow for better access
    • Oil filter mounted directly to engine
    • Window in frame simplifies draining used oil
    • Individual bulkhead plates for easy access and service
  6. Solid State Electronic Controller

    • 3 Automatic modes:
      –Standby mode– for monitoring and charging batteries
      –Intermittent mode– will run APU as need for (heating, cooling, & battery charging)
      –Full Time mode– will run APU anytime the truck is turned off.
    • Reliable, proven solid state 3 wire motor control
    • Totally sealed for any mounting location
    • Simple one button start / stop
    • Programmable start sequence including glow plugs
    • Automatic shutoff for overheating or low oil pressure
  7. Reliable HVAC System
    • Proven evaporator
    • Proven digital thermostat and automatic fan control
    • High quality compressor
    • 3 speed fan
  8. Wiring Harness, Cables and Hoses

    • All wire joints soldered, no crimped splices
    • A/C charge ports conveniently located for easy service
  9. General Construction Techniques
    • Service fasteners have thread locking characteristics
    • Fasteners class 8.8 -800 MPa min. (150ksi min.)
    • All steel components zinc plated or e-coated
    • Exposed steel surfaces coated
    • Fully designed in 3-D CAD (Solidworks)
    • Design verified using COSMOS for FEA (finite element analysis)

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5 Customer Reviews of “Mantis 175 APU – Discontinued”

Review by Truck 18, July 1, 2010

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Overall Rating 11111
Quality 22222
Dependability 11111
Serviceability 11111
Effectiveness (AC & Heat) 22222

These things like a Comfort Master knock-off. I tried to get a hold of them several times and got the run-around. I can’t find anyone who has actually bought one. If you have please post here I want to know.

Review by Sam Johnston, December 1, 2010

  • 55555
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  • 44444
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  • 55555
Overall Rating 55555
Quality 44444
Dependability 44444
Serviceability 55555
Effectiveness (AC & Heat) 55555

I have no complaints about the Mantis, its been running strong for the past year. I’ve only performed simple maintenance on it my self. My comfort level is very important especially with the time I spend on the road. Before I purchased my unit I spent a lot of time researching similar products, this was the best product I could find for my money. I’ll be cranking the heat up this winter to keep warm and toasty!

Review by keith lewis, June 8, 2011

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  • 55555
  • 55555
  • 55555
Overall Rating 55555
Quality 55555
Dependability 55555
Serviceability 55555
Effectiveness (AC & Heat) 55555

ive been in touch with the senior design engineer of the apu,i believe this apu will out perform and out last anything on the market,ron has taken every component to the next level as far as well lets say it this way,a d9 dozer versus a bobcat on a dirt pile,,Ive researched every apu known to man,and the mantis 175 is the best value

Review by Treetrucker, November 13, 2011

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  • 11111
  • 11111
  • 11111
  • 11111
Overall Rating 11111
Quality 11111
Dependability 11111
Serviceability 11111
Effectiveness (AC & Heat) 11111

This is the same unit as the comfort master. The biggest POS on the market. Don’t be fooled

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