RankNameRatingMore Info
1Willis APU4.
2Thermo King Tripac APU3.613.613.613.613.61
3TriPac E (electronic)
4HP2000 Auxillary Power Unit2.892.892.892.892.89
5Carrier APU2.752.752.752.752.75
Overall Rating44444
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)

TriPac E (electronic)

Electric Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System Specifications Capacities Cooling Capacity 7,200 BTU/hr Heating Capacity 7,500 BTU/hr General Weight 505 lbs. (Batteries Included) Cost Savings: The TriPace is an electric, battery-based APU system, which means significant savings on fuel. Reduced operation of the tractor engine also delivers cost savings on maintenance. Clean, Quiet Operation: […]

Overall Rating1.331.331.331.331.33
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)11111

ProMax APU – Discontinued

The ProMax APU   The ProMax APU. Every component of this APU was selected to provide you with instant comfort, restful sleep and rugged reliability. There are many reasons why ProMax APU is the choice of professional drivers nationwide: The most powerful heating and cooling capacity: 33,000 BTU for both heat and air conditioning Powerful […]

Overall RatingNo Ratings
QualityNo Ratings
DependabilityNo Ratings
ServiceabilityNo Ratings
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)No Ratings

Blue Aire APU – Discontinued

This appears to be another Comfort Master knockoff. Take a look at the images below to decide for your self. Their address comes back as  “Weldmation” a company that was previously licensed to manufacture Comfort Master but was unable to meet their obligations. As always, buyer beware. It is typically the consumer who ends up […]

Overall RatingNo Ratings
QualityNo Ratings
DependabilityNo Ratings
ServiceabilityNo Ratings
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)No Ratings

Kohler APU – Discontinued

Ever since the introduction of the Kohler Automatic Power & Light, the world’s first engine-driven automatic generator in 1920, Kohler has provided power to homes, factories, recreational vehicles, boats and countless other applications throughout the United States and around the world. With a passion for delivering clean, reliable power whenever and wherever it’s needed, Kohler […]

Overall Rating11111
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)22222

Frigette – Discontinued

Frigette APU *This product is not currently available. We are leaving this unit up so that people can continue to review the product for the benefit of those purchasing used APU’s. We would like to thank Cantwell Power Solutions of Texas for providing us this update. Frigette APU ’s Are Designed A s “ Stand-Alone” […]

Overall Rating2.572.572.572.572.57
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)2.712.712.712.712.71

Comfort Master APU – Discontinued

Due to the continuation of awful reviews on the Comfort Master product we can no longer recommend the Comfort Master. It was a brilliant idea poorly executed and flawed by it’s many failed contracts with fly-by-night manufacturers in the shady parts of Michigan. I am told the latest in this parade of criminal and near […]

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