RankNameRatingMore Info
1Willis APU4.
2Thermo King Tripac APU3.613.613.613.613.61
3TriPac E (electronic)
4HP2000 Auxillary Power Unit2.892.892.892.892.89
5Carrier APU2.752.752.752.752.75
Overall Rating33333
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)

Mantis 175 APU – Discontinued

Mantis Their address comes back asĀ  “Weldmation” a company that was previously licensed to manufacture Comfort Master but was unable to meet their obligations. As always, buyer beware. It is typically the consumer who ends up in the middle of the legal battles that are sure to come. MANTIS 175 APU The Mantis 175 Truck […]

Overall RatingNo Ratings
QualityNo Ratings
DependabilityNo Ratings
ServiceabilityNo Ratings
Effectiveness (AC & Heat)No Ratings

Blackrock APU – Discontinued

Blackrock APU *This product is not currently available. We are leaving this unit up so that people can continue to review the product for the benefit of those purchasing used APU’s. We would like to thank Cantwell Power Solutions of Texas for providing us this update. The APU with Power, Performance and Reliability A product […]

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